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Mountain Range

Our story

The wonderful world of Alpen

Alpen has been bringing natural, wholegrain, positive starts to adventurous breakfasteers for over 45 years.

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What sets us apart

It all began with a chance encounter...

The late 1960’s were an exciting time. Mankind landed on the moon. BBC Radio 1 was launched. And Alpen was born! A senior Weetabix executive was enjoying a family skiing holiday in Switzerland when he discovered a weird and wonderful breakfast created for him by his personal chef. He was so smitten by the intriguing cereal and how it kept him going on the slopes that he brought the recipe back to our Burton Latimer HQ. His colleagues were so impressed that work began on the first Alpen recipe. Launched in 1971, it was the UK’s first Swiss muesli. Over 45 years on, it remains the nation’s No.1 and has inspired a whole range of other products.
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What sets us apart?

We started life as the UK’s first ever muesli. By its very nature, muesli is a ‘mixture’ of ingredients, blended to create something wholesome and nutritious yet incredibly tasty. This remains the inspiration behind all our products. We combine natural, wholesome oats and wheat with delicious fruits, nuts and seeds to bring you tasty breakfasts that will give you a positive start to the day, or top you up when you need a boost.
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We believe in the power of a good breakfast.

When it comes to your breakfast – only the best will do

We want to help you make a positive start to each day with a well-rounded, nutritious and tasty breakfast that gives your body all the essentials it needs to feel ready to go. We believe breakfast really is the most important meal and what you eat when you wake up can set you up for whatever lies ahead.
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What makes our cereals sparkle?

That'll be the beautifully traditional blend.

Light and crispy wheat flakes. Irresistibly juicy raisins. Crunchy roasted hazelnuts, rolled oats and almonds. Our rich and flavoursome high-fibre blend brings the authentic, original taste of Switzerland to your breakfast table.

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Magnificent muesli, gorgeous granola? Explore a world of positivity with our tasty range.


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